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Events - LENT 2016

Lent means ‘Leave Every Negative Thing’. Our Shrine’s Lenten Spiritual activities started with this theme with the vigour and vibrancy. As the sign and witness of our act of moving away from the negative way of life we with the Parishioners and with other people from various parishes attend two Lenten preparatory retreats.

The first retreat was based mainly on the importance of realising the sinful state of human nature. This realisation causes in witnessing the mercy & forgiveness of God. It was conducted for 3 full days. Our people’s participation was taken a new stand and given a new face for the importance of retreats like this during the moments of grace like lent.

The second retreat was more charismatic in style. It was conducted for 3 full days. Fr. Sitrarasu, sdb was the preacher. On the last day we had a wonderful grand mass with the special choir group who were here to help us out on these days of retreat.

Finally it’s our custom that during the Lenten season we pondered and prayed over the Passions of the Lord daily after the morning Mass. It was also felt so meaningful and mind blowing to be in constant touch with the way of the Lord and the way of salvation. In this way the Lent began and went on well. Thanks to all those who were behind this wonderful programme of lent which helped us to march towards the Omega point, that is none other than our Lord Jesus Christ.

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